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MPP 600 PF LINE to make the following types of bags:

   - BAGS  with side Gusset with RIGGED EDGES  and "K"BOTTTOM SEAL

   - BAGS  with side Gusset rounded corners and bottom folding with Hot Melt glue (Pinch Bottom)

This line is able to process all laminated films based on PP or PE, laminated  with Al / Pet ,both neutral and printed, offering high performance and high reliability thanks to some exclusive (patented) systems.

The possibility of constantly updating the existing structure with new options makes the MPP a machine always ready for the new market needs.

Possibility of adapting various accessories including the valve applicator.

The MPP is fully equipped with top quality components and is fully manageable with a remote system for remote control and setting , which allows you to control all the installed accessories individually, and in real time, and any interventions for setting the machine itself.

On the MPP pouch machine each accessory is servo-motorized and therefore independent , with the future opportunity to update the machine according to new requests of the market..