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Gamma 160-200

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Line for the production of Bottom Welded Bags.

Bags are stacked in packs without pins.

Width up to 2 Mt and length up to 4 Mt

Film advancement with electronic system.

Stabilized welding bar with Ni-Cr strip, closed circuit liquid cooling system, autonomous heat exchanger, welding bar temperature of about 30 - 40 °C. 

Patented Mobert system for film-block using self-adapting flexible pliers.

Cold cutting system with a serrated blade.

Carriage traslation at high speed through BRUSHLESS motor controller by computer.

Gripper carriage positioning for bags collections and automating unloading of pack of bags with digital setting “BAG LENGTH”.

Device for preventing the sticking of the welding. Exclusive Mobert system for the movement of the welding unit. This system increase the welding time even at high speeds. 

Monitor for setting and controlling production data. Check control for the main causes of blockage with instructions displayed on the monitor.